First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All the Lawyers


Our recovering lawyers discuss two historical lawyers: the only UK Prime Minister ever assassinated and the US President elected by a vote of 8-5 (no zeroes missing).

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BC has NOT been in politics for “half a century.” Maffs


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Partisanship and Violence:

Our survey found that Republicans and Democrats are not only extremely distrustful of each other, but that majorities believe that people on the other side of the aisle are immoral and “want to harm people who disagree with them.” Sixty-three percent of Republicans say Democrats are a threat to the country, while 67% of Democrats believe the same about the opposing party. While each side views the other as similarly threatening, Republicans rank “extremists in the Democratic Party” as the most pressing threat facing the country, while Democrats believe the top three threats, in descending order, are Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and extremists in the Republican Party.

Those on the right appear more likely to approve of political violence. When asked whether they believed that “some violence might be necessary to protect the country from radical extremists,” 41% of Republicans agreed, compared to 34% of Democrats and 29% of independents. Over half of Republicans say the country seems headed toward a civil war in the near future, compared to 39% of Democrats.

While most Americans reject antidemocratic actions and political violence, a substantial minority — and, sometimes, a majority — do not.