History runneth over with obscure tales of heroics and villainy, gruesome battles, hilarious happenings and downright bizarre coincidences. Hosts and longtime pals Alex Deane and Bryan Cunningham will be your guides through this hidden history. Based on Deane’s bestselling book Lessons From History, you will meet the war veteran who lost an eye then amputated his own fingers, learn of Africa’s first black bishop, whose great-great-granddaughter sacrificed herself to protect her people from Ebola, and be surprised by Abraham Lincoln’s duel with broadswords and the drunken British soldier who single-handedly conquered an enemy fort, and help us solve the mystery of who stole the still-missing Irish crown jewels. But you won’t just be along for the uproarious ride. Join Alex and Bryan as they imbibe the beverages of choice of the story subjects and contribute your own obscure tales which they will research and tell in future episodes, perhaps with you as guest.

Hosts:  Bryan Cunningham and Alex Deane
Writers/Researchers:  Alex Deane and Bryan Cunningham
Executive Producers:  Bryan Cunningham and Ivan Williams
Technical Production:  Jeremy Corr, Kate Kruse, and Grace Lynn Keller of Executive Podcast Solutions
Podcast Art: David Wardle