Heroic Ukrainian Resistance and Russian Nuclear Threat Updates, Alex’s Grandfather and Other War Heroes

Alex is Back for a very special episode where the guys talk about Alex’s Grandfather’s WW2 heroics, along with leadership tales of Eisenhower and General Jim “Chaos” Mattis. Check out our show notes for a treasured Deane family keepsake and another opportunity to get Lessons From History and More Lessons From History. Father’s Day is coming soon!


Lessons From History: Hidden heroes and villains of the past, and what we can learn from them

More Lessons From History

Divine Science: Finding Reason at the Heart of Faith


Photo of Alex’s grandfather’s wings and his letter:

It says:
Dear Alex,
These wings are the wings of the Army Air Corps (of which the Glider Pilot Regiment were part.)
I was awarded these wings in July 1943 and wore them to
1) go to France on D Day (actually the night before of the 5th / 6th June 1944g
2) go to Arnhem in September 1944
3) to prisoner of war camp in October 1944
4) then back to England in June 1945
So they are 45 years old in July of this year – I have kept them all this time, so I hope you will also keep them.