Our Fiftieth Anniversary Extravaganza!

Alex and Bryan celebrate the 50th Episode of the Hidden History Happy Hour with behind-the-scenes discussion of your favorite episodes and, as you requested, tell a true crime story.


Lessons From History: Hidden heroes and villains of the past, and what we can learn from them

More Lessons From History


Benjamin Franklin Quote: “It is better to let 100 criminals go free than to imprison 1 innocent man.” (quotefancy.com)

A Note on a Modern Spanish Lottery Scam – Beware!

Hertford Literary Festival

Links to the stories we mentioned:

John-Baptiste Bernadotte (Lessons From History, v1, p1)

Live in London Episode

Pilot Episode

Grizzly Goings On (Al Packer – Denver Live Episode)

Calcutta Light Horse

The Sea Wolves (1980) – IMDb

The Book of Morman Musical

The Gregory Peck Story Bryan Forgot to Tell:

According to Robert Mitchum, during the filming of the final fight scene between him and Gregory Peck, Peck once accidentally punched him for real. Mitchum, knowing that Peck didn’t mean to and ever the professional, refused to break character and continued filming the scene. However, upon entering his trailer, Mitchum said that he “literally collapsed” due to the impact of the punch and said that he felt it for days afterwards. Mitchum said, “I don’t feel sorry for anyone dumb enough who picks a fight with him (Peck).”